The Trumpf L4030 and L3030 cope with Prototyping & Production with ease, supplying a burr free finish with an accuracy of 0.1mm guaranteed. Due to the Tops 100 Cad programming package lead times are short with options of disc file conversions. (Cad drawings saved as one of the following file formats). Disc file Conversions Available: dxf, iges, dwg, geo, wmf, postscript. Other Features include:

• Flying Optics / Auto Height Sensing - No material marking
• Oil on Pierce - (Anti Splatter) for cleaner Dross free cut
• Laser Cat Eye - Allowing use of pre-punched / formed blanks
• Dissimilar Parts Nesting - allowing different profiles per sheet
• Materials Clean Cut - Oxide free cut
• Oxygen Cut - High speed cut.

The Trumpf L4030 and L3030 are very efficient and cost effective form of profiling from sheet metal, supplying quality finishes to all materials. The Trumpf L4030 and L3030 are capable of maximum sheet utilisation thereby cutting down on valuable waste material. hence making overall pricing more competitive.
These are a few materials cut on a regular basis, if you would like to see the Trumpf Laser in operation please call for an appointed date. We will be pleased to accommodate any visit.


Material Thicknesses cut:

Stainless Steel

up to - 15mm


up to - 4mm

Mild Steels

up to - 20mm


up to - 8mm


up to - 2mm


up to - 6mm


up to - 6mm


up to - 4mm


up to - 3mm

Armour Plate

up to - 15mm

Maximum Material Size:

4000mm x 2000mm