As a company, Hi -Tech Sheet Metal endeavors to keep up with the latest technology -

and punching is no exception. Having invested in the latest Strippet 1500/30 H punch machine we are able to offer faster production times with no loss of quality, thus allowing us to pass on these savings to the customer.

All CNC Machines have CAD CAM Programming packages able to receive file conversions such as DXF - (CAD drawings saved as DXF Format etc) we can also accept SAT files ( 3D Models ) all of which speed up the programming time, thereby lowering costs.

To aid our growth within the research and development sector, we are able to program in 3D CAD CAM using the latest RADAN software to help our customer base with all new developments, thus helping customers to put their products forward competitively within their market place.

Usually the first port of call for any fabrication shop is the guillotine, the Safan pictured here is capable of cutting material up to 6mm thick with an overall guillotine length of 3 metres. Supplying a very clean precise cut to blanks destined for the CNC Punching Machinery.